Doc Snyder "Bad Medicine Wheel"

This exhibition at Blue Djinn gallery is the result of several years of Doc Snyderís journey into Native American history, culture and design. His visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 2007 became the inspiration for this exhibition. The westward expansion of the United States in the 1800ís had a dramatic, negative impact on the Native American Indians which was severe and continues today.

The exhibition uses a variety of mediums to represent both the past and present Indian life. 

Docís serigraph, Bad Medicine Wheel, includes all of the proofs from a ten-color edition allowing the audience to see Docís creative screen printing process during each stage. There are also several serigraphs, sculptures and other works based on Native American Indian designs. 

A scale model diorama of the westward expansion features a train complete with intricate scenery, buffalos and figures.

Present day life on the reservation is depicted by a crude dwelling made of corrugated metal surrounded by empty beer cans. 

A slide show choreographed to songs from Chris Whitleyís recording Living With The Law illustrates the desperate environment of reservation life with images of poor living conditions coupled with statistics about unemployment and alcoholism.

Docís intention for this exhibition is to create awareness about the state of these Americans living in poverty and to help provide a solution. The best solution is education. The high school dropout rate at Pine Ridge is the highest in the country and few go on to college.  A portion of the proceeds from the artwork sold at the show will go to the Oglala Lakota College and the Red Cloud Indian School at the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. These institutions are severely underfunded and understaffed. If you donít purchase artwork, please donate to these institutions. 

Click here to view some of the works in the exhibition.

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