This series of serigraphs (screen prints) began in February of 2006 and was inspired by Native American artwork, specifically pottery, basket weaving and jewelry. The circular patterns derived from this early artwork combines simplistic repetition with complex geometry creating powerful symbolic images. The circle form has always been significant to me because I consider it to be an artistic and spiritual true shape. Circular objects including gears, wheels, wire spools and machines running on steel wheels surround my studio.
It is said that in Native American designs, the perfect circle symbolizes the spirit in its original form. This form may be either the male or the female, and often a dot within the circle is used to indicate the perfect union. This symbolism has influenced my work and helps to bring balance and unity to my compositions.
My journey into exploring indigenous artwork has led me down a path that has humbled me and given me strength. I have no blood ties to Native Americans; I am a mix of German, Irish and Hungarian. Initially I hoped to communicate my appreciation of these designs in the medium of meticulous serigraphs to others. I soon realized the power of these designs. My goal with this series is to shine a light on this visionary artwork by interpreting and recreating it in a way that is respectful to the original artists and tribes. I am donating a portion of my sales to the Oglala Lakota College in South Dakota.